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Review - by , 2012-08-05
5 / 5 stars
Thank you for your efficient bookkeeping solution. It saved us a lot of time and money trying to organize important documents. We were able to focus on improving other business operations thanks to this software. It's also a relief to know that we complied with Federal and State regulations!
Review - by , 2012-08-12
5 / 5 stars
I don't regret getting my own SBE design software. Now I can advertise my company with professional logos. Our clients have been praising the comprehensive web design of our site! Impressive job!
Review - by , 2012-08-27
5 / 5 stars
Thank you for providing us a reliable tool that helps us connect with our clients better. This helped us improve our methods so we can produce the results they want. Our profits increased substantially. Two thumbs up for excellent services!
Review - by , 2012-09-01
5 / 5 stars
My files have never been more organized. Now I can bid bulky filing cabinets and other record materials goodbye! I would gladly recommend you anytime and any day!
Review - by , 2012-09-22
5 / 5 stars
Your accounting software really made it easier for us to manage our finances and cut costs on unnecessary expenses. I look forward to the launch of your new services and cannot wait to try them!

Best small business software solutions for your accounting needs

Welcome to SmallBusiness Essentials (mySBE), the online toolbox of next-generation, ready-to-use businesses software solutions - at small business pricing.

Here at SmallBusiness Essentials (mySBE), our aim is to offer quality software solutions for your business. Designed for micro businesses just starting out, or established small businesses wanting a competitive edge, SmallBusiness Essentials provides the best and most innovative web-based business, customer and accounting software available on the market today.

We offer you a great toolbox that includes six applications. Each is available for just $1 a day. You can use our free versions of software if you own a micro-business and are new to trying these solutions. The applications are:

1. SBEbooks (bookkeeping): Online accounting software perfect for a small business

2. SBEdesign (design): The latest design software program for your company

Some of our software due for release includes:

- SBEclients (CRM)

- SBEstaff (HR)*

- SBEtraining (training & development)*

- SBEsafety (OHS)*

Using a web-based software is easy. You do not have to deal with hefty upfront charges, upgrade fees, or complicated software downloads. All you have to do is choose a plan that best suits the structure of your business and register online, you gain immediate access to the applications and programs for data input.

Watch your business grow and simply upgrade to the next plan when it is ready and best suitable for you. Migration from existing software is also easy with simple import and export functionalities.

With your own mySBE, you can access your accounting software, your crm software, or log a design job from most internet-enabled devices. You can do business anywhere you want, whether you are on the road, at home or overseas. Our software program is accessible, easy to use and ideal for small business.

Sign up for FREE now and find out how simple tasks like bookkeeping and inventory tracking can be! Alternatively get in touch with us and let us help your company grow. Send us an email at

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SmallBusiness Essentials is going to win the small scale industry solutions war. I have never seen such a one stop solution for all of your business needs.
Amit Bansal, Vice President, Prospecta Software
Our Promise

Our promise is to deliver tools that will measurably save you time and money and give you peace of mind. Empowering and enabling you to achieve financial and business success.

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